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Fishtailed…something :D


Fishtailed…something 😀

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So, I have an aunt, who I love to pieces. And she always loves me to do her hair, which I LOVE. And I get to work with a different texture of hair, she has 5 dreadlocks on the bottom half of her hair. And I must say, they can be VERY fun to work with. Her hair on top though, is very thin and very fine. So this style was pretty much just for fun, and is very different. On the top, I did I think three or four little braids… I think it was a four-strand and two three-strands. I braided them all the way down and tied them off. Then the rest of her fine hair I french-fishtailed back, incorporating the smaller braids. Once I ran out of all of that, I fishtailed her dreads into it. Tied it off and that was all! But I think it looks pretty awesome. 😀Almost like it’s out of LOTR…