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Fishtailed…something :D


Fishtailed…something 😀

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So, I have an aunt, who I love to pieces. And she always loves me to do her hair, which I LOVE. And I get to work with a different texture of hair, she has 5 dreadlocks on the bottom half of her hair. And I must say, they can be VERY fun to work with. Her hair on top though, is very thin and very fine. So this style was pretty much just for fun, and is very different. On the top, I did I think three or four little braids… I think it was a four-strand and two three-strands. I braided them all the way down and tied them off. Then the rest of her fine hair I french-fishtailed back, incorporating the smaller braids. Once I ran out of all of that, I fishtailed her dreads into it. Tied it off and that was all! But I think it looks pretty awesome. 😀Almost like it’s out of LOTR…


Double Dutch


Double Dutch

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This one was SUPER fun, and got TONS of compliments. Which is always a plus. 🙂 I wanted to get a picture right after I did it, but forgot, and this is at the end of the day. So it’s kinda messy. 😛

1. Section  out a smallish piece of hair in the very front, about the size that you would be a *poof* with. Just get that out of the way for now.

2. Dutch braid the rest of the hair. BUT, as you are dutch braiding that hair, leave tiny pieces of hair out every other section.

3. THEN, starting with that piece you sectioned out at the beginning, begin dutch braiding down the other braid, adding with the pieces you left out from the first.

4. Pancake your first, bigger braid and voila! You’re done! 🙂



I am just going to post a whole bunch of team building (kinda) games for teens!! (came be used with younger children too.) These are for my benefit as well as yours! 🙂 Games are important, especially for our youth today (this coming from one.)

#1) Ninja!

Step 1) Everyone who is going to be playing stands in a circle.

Step 2) Everyone strikes a pose and yells something… Karateish. 🙂

Step 3) You have to hold very still (if you move your out) and the person who is going to start makes a move towards someone with a Karateish yell.

Step 4) The whole point of the game is to hit the other people from the wrist and down. (that’s what you do when you make your move and yell.)

Ninja is sort of an exercise game! But It is SOOOO fun!! It’s a really fun game!! And if you still don’t get it, ask any teenager. They’ll help you figure it out!! 🙂



#2) Bippity Boppity Boo!

Step 1) Everyone stands in a circle and puts their arms on their shoulders.

Step 2) Everyone puts their head down and says “Bippity-boppity-boo!!”

Step 3) As soon as those magic words are said, everyone quickly lifts their head up. But when you lift your head, you have to be staring into someones eyes.

Step 4) If someone is looking back at you, and you are looking back at them. You are both out! This continues until everyone is out.


#3 Questions

Step 1) Everyone sits in a circle on the ground.

Step 2) One person starts off and asks a person sitting on either side of them a random question. i.e. “What is your favorite color?” Or, “If apples plus pines cones equals bananas, what is the square root of shoes?” Just random questions, They can make sense, but they don’t have to! 🙂

Step 3) If they answer the question, or if they hesitate, they are out!

Step 4) You go around the circle asking random questions like that, people are getting out left and right. It’s really funny to hear the sort of questions that people come up with!! 🙂




#4 The Human Knot

Step 1) Everyone stands in a circle. Then closing their eyes they all reach they hands into the middle and randomly (i like that word) grab hands.



Step 2) Thennnnnn! You have to get untangled!! 🙂 However you can do that…

knott   knotty


Step 3) You keep trying to untangle until there are no tangles!! 🙂 If that makes any sense whatsoever. 🙂 This would be WAY fun with a HUGE group of people!!! Or small.

knottt     knotyy

And yeah! If anyone can think of anymore games that would be fun (and clean) let me know!! 🙂