I would HIGHLY recommend reading, Music Talks With Children By: Thomas Tapper, which you can find free here: http://www.gutenberg.org/cache/epub/14339/pg14339.txt

Also The Story Of Europe By: Charles Dickens, here http:     //www.mainlesson.com/display.phpauthor=marshall&book=sketches&story=effect

Joan Of Ark By: Mark Twain, is also a book I would highly recommend!! 🙂

Okay, this is as of right now THE VERY BEST BOOK THAT I HAVE EVER READ, EVER!! It’s called ‘Messiah’ and it is written by Toni Sorenson. It is about the life of a Nephite boy who grows up in a little town just outside of Zarahemla called Elam. And he meets the Messiah later on in his life and Jesus has been resurected and comes to Zarahemla. Kiah (the main character) actually becomes one of Jesus’s disiples. (his really name id Zedakiah though.) You need to drop whatever you are doing right now (reading my blog) and race down to Deseret, or Seagull Book and but this book. Then hang a *Do Not Disturb* sign on the door, and prepare not to come out for hours. It’s seriously that good! (I stayed up till 4:30 in the morning reading it!)

This one is a book review. The book is “Hero” By Mike Lupica. I REALLY liked this book. William Goldman Author of  The Princess Bride says “Every kid secretly wants to be a superhero. Well be careful what you wish for-you just might get it. Hero is the amazing story of Zach Harriman, and nothing Mike Lupica has written will thrill you like this.”

On the inside cover it says.

“Zach Harriman thought he knew his Dad. Knicks fan, ex-Harvard football star, special adviser to the President of the United States. And then Tom Harriman’s plane crashes under mysterious circumstances and everything Zach thought he knew about his father explodes with it.                                                                                                                                                 

Now the same people who wanted his father dead want Zach very much alive. Why? Because Tom Harriman was no ordinary man. And because Zach is destined to follow in his footsteps.

Starting now.

As something no one even knows exists . . . .

A a fourteen year old superhero.”

I loved this book! If any of you have read “Michael Vey” (which is also an awesome book) this reminded of it a lot. The back of the book says.

“There were three of them. And Zach.Not really knowing how to do what he wanted to do, Zach wheeled and hit the man who had reached for Kate with an elbow that caught him cleanly on the jaw. Direct hit. Zach heard a sound that reminded him of a hit in baseball. The guy staggered back but didn’t go down. He gave his head a quick shake and started to raise his fists.

Too late.

Without even feeling himself make the move Zach was behind him, reaching up, putting his hand on the guys neck knowing exactly what to do, finding the pressure point like it had an X drawn on it. He squeezed hard and put him out.

One against two now.

The odds were getting worse for them by the minute.


Caddie Woodlawn

Caddie Woodlawn is an AMAZING book!! This is a Newbery Honor book. Written by Carol Ryrie Brink. Carol writes about stories she was told about her Grandmothers childhood from her Grandmother.

Caddie is a rebel so to speak when it comes to being a lady. Caddies mother wants her to grow up to be a lady. But all Caddie wants to do is run free in the beautiful Wisconsin frontier with her brothers Tom and Warren. Paying know mind to her mothers constant pleas to do something ladylike such as knitting or cooking Caddie has a grand time wadding through a river to see Indian John and his tribe, racing to see Uncle Edmund, hunting and then taking a spill into the river, saying goodbye to her friend Nero, having turkey and cranberry sauce everyday all winter, seeing Teacher give Obediah Jones a “lick’in”, falling in a frozen pond, learning about her Fathers somewhat sad past, finding out her brother Toms secret crush, a false alarm massacree, a new dog, a scalp belt, a stay from cousin Anabelle from boston, and finding out about an inheritance in England.

Will they have to leave there lovely farm in Wisconsin? Read this wonderful book to find out! I have read this book twice and it was well worth my time. Make sure that you get the unabriged version. It’s a lot better.


Starting 2012 These are books that I would recommend for LDS (and other) youth (mainly girls but hey you judge it) they are all appropriate. If I feel that it needs it I will place an age limit.

The Forgotten Locket By Lisa Mangum 364 pages. This is an amazing romance! It’s actually the third book and last book in this series. Abby and Dantae are so cute! This couple is faced with so much adversity it’s crazy! But their love holds them together.

Princess Ben By Cathrine Merdock 344 pages. Princess Benevolence is orphaned and forced by her evil Aunt who became Queen by herself when her Husband the King was killed to be locked in a high tower room. Only to come out for her dreaded “lessons”. The only thing that keeps her sane is a transparent wall that only she can walk through that leads to a room with a spell book. Ben uses the book to learn magic. Did the Queen kill Ben’s Uncle, Mother, and Father?

The Christmas Box By Richard Paul Evans 87 pages. This is a true story about a man (Richard) who has an amazing experience with an Angel in a dream. 

Sam By Jack Weyland 158 pages. In this awesome novel Sam struggles with the death of his wife Charly as he tries to raise his son alone. He wants to remarry just so that his son can have a Mother. But along the way he finds love again.

The Race By Lauraine Snelling 123 pages. Trish (Tee) has waited since she was a little girl to be sixteen so that she could race at the local track. But there is a damper on the excitment of her first race when her Father starts coughing up blood. Then he is diagnosed with cancer and they must trust in God more than ever.

Eagles Wings By Lauraine Snelling 107 pages. Trish’s Father’s health continues to go downhill. But Trish’s racing gets better and better. Her song that she relies on is Eagles Wings that she heard at church. She and her Father lets Eagles Wings lift them up.

Go For The Glory By Lauraine Snelling 126 pages. With her Father’s health going up and down Trish’s Mother is dead set against letting her race in California. But with some haggling from her Father she reluctantly agrees. So Trish goes and wins the Santa Anita Derby!

Kentucky Dreamer By Lauraine Snelling 130 pages. After winning the Santa Anita Derby Trish sets her sights on the Kentucky Derby. But she can’t shake the haunting images and sounds from a racing accident. Her racing suffers and her wonders if she should even compete.

Call For Courage By Lauraine Snelling 122 pages. Trish and Spitfire might be able to win The Triple Crown Of Thoroughbred Racing! The only thing that clouds her mind is her Father’s health. Will he be strong enough to see his little girl win the biggest race of her life?

Shadow Over San Mateo By Lauraine Snelling 119 pages. The death of her Father drowns out any joy that she might feel after winning the Triple Crown. Racing has lost it’s spark. Will this aching in her heart ever get better?

Out Of The Mist By Lauraine Snelling 116 pages. After a long streak of losing Trish is ready to give up racing altogether. Her only source of comfort is her Father’s journal. Will she ever find the peace that he knew so very well?

Second Wind  By Lauraine Snelling 124 pages. Trish is ready for a fresh start. But trouble at her home track makes Trish the target of chilling threats as she tries to expose the culprit.

Close Call By Lauraine Snelling 128 pages. Trish’s successful racing career puts her in the spotlight as a corporate spokesperson. To be featured in a T.V. commercial with Red!! Her excitement is dampened by threats on her life.

The Winners Circle By Lauraine Snelling 128 pages. As she battles to recover from a tragic racing accident, Trish wonders if racing has come at to high a price. But she discovers that Gods perfect plan goes beyond anything she could ever imagine.

Inkheart By Cornelia Funke 548 pages. Inkheart is an absolutely amaZing book!! I think that this whole series is one of my all time favorite books/series. It’s about this girl Meggie and her Dad Mo. Mo can read things into and out of books. He is devastated he reads his wife into the book and Capricorn, one of his henchmen, and Dustfinger out of the book. 12+

Inkspell By Cornelia Funke 635 pages. Sequel to Inkheart.12+

Inkdeath By Cornelia Funke 663 pages. Follow up of Inkspell.12+

Icefire By Chris D’Lacey 421 pages. David is a boarder at Liz and Lucy’s house. Liz makes and teaches her daughter how to sculpt Dragons from clay. But when Gwilanna shows up their world turns upside down. With a Dragon baby hatching and Zanna and Sophie it’s crazy.12+

Shabanu By Suzanne Staples 244 pages. This is a book about an indian girl named Shabanu.

Don’t Cry Wolf By Clair M. Poulson 273 pages. Crazy wolf activists go overboard when they start killing people in name of the wolfs. Lindsay’s Father is the first victim. Officer Matthew Prescott is assigned to the case. But when he develops feelings for Lindsay he’s afraid of losing her after his wife’s death only one year ago.10+
Recovering Charles By Jason F. Wright 284 pages. In this book Luke (Charles son) gets a phone call from someone in New Orleans saying that his Father is missing after hurrikane Katrina. With his job not going so well the last thing he needs to do is go and search for a Farther that he hasn’t seen in years. But he goes . . . . The question is will he be to late.

A Door Of Hope By Neva Coyle 265 pages. Karissa elopes without telling her parents when she’s barly 18. She soon finds out that Michal isn’t all thet she though he was. Her cruel and abusive marrage ends a few months after it began with Karissa pregnant and Michal drowned while drinking. He had tryed to beat the baby out of her the night he died. Will God help her? 12+

Little Britches By Ralph Moody 260 pages. Ralph is eight years old when his family moves to try their hand at farming. He has some amazing times as he learns to ride (a horse) as good as Hy. Meets indians. Struggles to help keep his family together after his fathers death.

Cate of the lost colony By Lisa Klein 321 pages. Cathrine is one of the Queen’s maids. But when she falls in love and Queen Elizabeth finds out, she is banished to the new island. And her lover is forbidden to go after her. 12+

Servant to a King By Sariah S. Wilson 228 pages. Isabelle is King Lamoni’s daughter and her is appoled when her Father offers her hand to a Nephite! Her horror turns to shame when Ammon the Nephite turns down the offer. She then vows to make his life utterly misrable. But neither of them can deny the growing feelings. But with Isabelle’s cousin wants to marry her. Ammon might not make it in time.

Hunted By Clair M. Poulson 248 pages. Bria’s Father is has recently  disappeared when she is asked to go on a hunt with a group of kids herage. Then when Bria disappears after the murder of one of the hunters in the group things aren’t looking good for her.

Molly Mommy By Tamra Norton 161 pages. Molly and her husband Gordon are Collage students when they find out that they are pregnant. But when Molly’s brother moves in with them life becomes crazy. She then finds out that they are going to have twins! But will they make it to the hospital in time?

It All Started With Autumn Jones By Jack Weyland 181 pages. Autumn is a student and the local Collage. And the whole class is stunned when she stands up for her beliefs against the Teacher, who is WELL known for failing ANYONE just because he doesn’t like you or if you disagree with his beliefs.


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