Runners Braid


I have seen a runners braid out there lately that I LOVE! It’s gorgeous and effectively keeps your hair out of your face while running (I’ve tried it!). So I wanted to share the braid that I adore when I’m running! It’s super easy, fast, and I can do it on myself in minutes. I personally love having my hair swish as I’m running. I don’t know why, but I just really love it! But if you don’t, it’s simple to turn it into a bun.

All I do is flip my head upside down, then dutch braid it up as far as feels good, usually about where you would do a high ponytail. Tie that off to hold it. Then dutch (or whatever braid you want!) braid from the front back to where they meet. Braid them together and tie off. That’s it! I love to wear this when running. If you would rather have it all up, just twist the braid around itself and pin it into place. Ta-da!





This is super easy! Don’t be intimidated by trying a fishtail braid! If you are just learning, I would suggest putting the hair in a ponytail before starting. Don’t try it on yourself. And expect it to be loose. Cause it’s going to be really loose for a while. Don’t give up though! 😀



Braid back with Curls



First I just curled all of her hair, regular curling iron. Then dutch braided her bangs back and pinned them. Dutch braids have been the rage for a while, so they are me go-to braid. 🙂





Double Bun


So, my little sister has veeeeeeeery long hair. Hair that I am EXTREMELY jealous of! It’s past her rear. But she wanted a bun this certain day, so I obliged. I just smoothed it up, did a ponytail, last time threw only pulling it halfway. Then the ends (which still nearly reach halfway down her back!) I just tucked in. When I do this on my hair, because it’s shorter, it looks much different, like two little buns kinda. But super cute. Hers though, smoothed out really nicely, forming almost one instead of two. Add a cute flower and that’s that! 🙂


Fishtailed…something 😀

20141026_181615 20141026_181817 20141026_181813


So, I have an aunt, who I love to pieces. And she always loves me to do her hair, which I LOVE. And I get to work with a different texture of hair, she has 5 dreadlocks on the bottom half of her hair. And I must say, they can be VERY fun to work with. Her hair on top though, is very thin and very fine. So this style was pretty much just for fun, and is very different. On the top, I did I think three or four little braids… I think it was a four-strand and two three-strands. I braided them all the way down and tied them off. Then the rest of her fine hair I french-fishtailed back, incorporating the smaller braids. Once I ran out of all of that, I fishtailed her dreads into it. Tied it off and that was all! But I think it looks pretty awesome. 😀 Almost like it’s out of LOTR…

Double Dutch

 20141022_210710 20141022_210812

This one was SUPER fun, and got TONS of compliments. Which is always a plus. 🙂 I wanted to get a picture right after I did it, but forgot, and this is at the end of the day. So it’s kinda messy. 😛

1. Section  out a smallish piece of hair in the very front, about the size that you would be a *poof* with. Just get that out of the way for now.

2. Dutch braid the rest of the hair. BUT, as you are dutch braiding that hair, leave tiny pieces of hair out every other section.

3. THEN, starting with that piece you sectioned out at the beginning, begin dutch braiding down the other braid, adding with the pieces you left out from the first.

4. Pancake your first, bigger braid and voila! You’re done! 🙂


Easy Updo

 20141010_175527 20141010_175531

So, we were in Cali this last week, and it was deliciously hot! But, my hair was burning my neck. Conveniently, I had come bobby pins. So, as we were sitting there, I just put my hair up. I made my sister take a picture of it so I could see what needed to be fixed. But it looked pretty good! I didn’t need to fix anything. I thought it might even be blog worthy. So here it is. SUPER EASY!!!

All you need to do is grab a piece of hair that frames your face, twist it back a little and pin. Repeat on the other side. Now just grab pieces of hair, loosely twist it all the way down, then grab a tiny little bit (one or two strands) from the piece you just twisted. Hold that bit tightly and cinch the rest of it up to your scalp. Just pin it right up there. Do that over and over until you don’t have anymore hair left to do. Then ta-da! You’re done! You can add an accessory if you would like. There was a vase of real flowers on a table where I was, and I figured they wouldn’t miss just one little one. 😉 So that’s what I have in my hair.


Spunky Braided Ponytail


     So! First you are going to make a little poof in the front. Then braid on both sides of the poof, I did a 4-strand braid, but you can really do any kind of braid. I would braid them all the way down and then pull the rest of the hair into a ponytail. That’s really all it is! Then you’re done!! 🙂

kyhair2 kyhair


Journey Of Hair

So, this summer I decided that I was going to have some blue streaks.

Which I did. As you can see. 🙂 So then my hair had some very interesting hues.

20140814_173614 20140903_145432

Then I wanted to go blonde. So I did!

So now I’m blonde. 🙂 But I didn’t bleach it, I just dyed it, (BLEACH IS BAD!! NEVER DO IT!!!) So the blue stayed in! 😛 I love the blue. But after so many months you’re just done. 🙂

 20140903_152748 20140903_152716 blondie!! WIN_20140924_153236 WIN_20140924_153116 WIN_20140924_153424 WIN_20140924_153354

And wow . . . it should be illegal for me to take selfies . . . 😛 🙂

Anyways! So, I still love my hair and all, I really do! But I would advise against dying it. Your natural hair color is what fits your skin tone best. And I’ve noticed that since I’ve dyed my hair it has had probably at least DOUBLE the breakage! Which is not good. 😛

Honestly though, with the blue, I never had any breakage from it. I probably would do it every summer. Cause it was great! I got to have blue hair, no extra breakage from it, the hair kept pretty healthy. Only one thing, it takes FOREVER to come out! It was very vibrant when I first did it, and it has faded a LOT. But I mean really, I dyed my whole head blonde, and it’s still pretty blue. I think the only way to get it out (that I know of) is to bleach it out or cut it out. Neither of which I am willing to do to my hair. My mom used to bleach her hair constantly, and it was SO unhealthy! PLEASE don’t bleach your hair!

The reason that the blue didn’t damage my hair is because my hair was already light enough that all I did was put the blue right on it. I didn’t have to go lighter to go blue. Which if you have darker hair, you would need to. Otherwise you wouldn’t get the color change that you wanted. I was really happy with the dye that I used. It never washed out when I went swimming, showered, bathed, or got it wet at all. And I don’t even remember what kind it was now . . . we got it at Sally’s Beauty Supply though!



Ways To Keep Your Hair Healthy

  • Regular moisture treatments (coconut, olive, argan oil)
  • As little heat as possible
  • Don’t brush when wet, leads to breakage
  • Find the happy medium for washing your hair, you need the natural oils your hair produces, but not to much! I would suggest washing every other day. But you know your hair better than anyone, give your hair what it needs
  • Regular trims for split ends, every few months
  • An egg white mask on your hair will make it shiny and pretty
  • Let your hair breathe! Don’t always have it up


What is your hair type?

Take this hair type quiz to find out!

1. What is your hair diameter? Score yourself from 1-5. Hold a strand of hair between your fingers and roll it. If you can’t feel the strand at all–give yourself a score of 1. If it feels like a piece of thread, give yourself a 5.

2. What is your hair density? 1 is sparse and 5 is thick. If you can see your scalp between hairs and base of your ponytail is smaller than a dime, you are a 1. If your scalp is not visible, but you shed a lot, and your hair doesn’t get thinner, you are a 5.

3. What is your hair curvature? Comparing your hair with others’, give a score of 1-5, 1 being very straight (straighter than most),  and 5 being very curly (curlier than most). If your hair is wavy when you airdry, you are a 3.

OK–now add those scores together and here’s what you got!

3-6 score: Fine Hair

7-11 score: Normal Hair

12-15 score: Thick Hair



Front French Fishtail Braid

Sorry this isn’t a very good picture of it. (this isn’t a good picture period!) But it’s the only one i have of it. (I just found it on our computer, I don’t even know who took it!)

So taking a small section from your part line (as always) split it into two pieces.

Take a tiny little piece from the section by your face  and just add it to the other section.

Then take a tiny little piece from the other section and add it to the oppisite section. K this is your base.

Then just take a piece of hair from behind you section. (not from your section from behind) And cross this piece over and add it to you other section.

Repeat and repeat and repeat…….

K are you done? Trust me it takes a long time, but stay with it.

Now just stick in a few bobby pins! 🙂




Braided Twist


This was our beautiful exchange student Hana. We had her this summer for a month an she only let me do her hair once. But i was smart enough to get a picture!! And it was only if i didn’t use the “Hot Stick” (curling iron). LOL

Kay just french braid from the part over to about the eyebrow on both sides.

Then take halfish of the hair and pull it into a pony tail.

Make a hole right above the pony tail, and using your pointer finger and your thumb pull the pony tail through that hole.  Then say ‘cheese’!



Front Twist

Simple and cute and fast what more could you want?

Just take the hair starting at your part line and begin twisting away from your face. You can end the twist by bobby pinning it or do one on each side and bring it into a half pony. Whatever you want!! 🙂


Waterfall Braid

Starting on the side of the part (either left or right) take a section of hair and split it into three pieces as if you were going to begin a traditional braid.

Cross the piece farthest from your face which we will call piece A over the middle piece.

Then cross the piece closest to your face which we will call piece B over piece A which is now the middle strand.

Then add hair to piece A and cross it over the middle strand.

Do not add to piece B but just cross it over the middle strand.

Then again add hair to strand A and cross it over the middle strand.

Now drop strand B. Just drop it. But now your going to pick up hair from directly behind piece B. Being careful as to not pick up any of piece B. Cross the hair that you just picked up over the middle piece.

Now you will again add hair to piece A and cross it over the middle strand.

Drop piece B. Pick up hair from directly behind piece B and cross it over the middle strand.

Repeat until it’s where you want it then traditionally braid down a few inches and secure with a rubber band. 🙂

This is so pretty and easy!! You can do virtually anything with this braid. One of my favorites to do is one that i do on one of my friends. She has shoulder lenth fairly fine hair. So just a waterfall braid would slip out of her hair. So what i do is i do a waterfall braid on each side of her head and then go and do one right underneath both of those picking up the hair that you had dropped from the above strands. Then traditionally braid all 4 of those strands together. Take the remaining hair and pull it into a messy bun using bobby pins and or pony tails. 🙂


Click HERE for my french braiding video!!




Separate a little less than half of the hair.

Pin the bottom half out of the way.

Separate the top half into five pieces.

Cross the piece on the right over then under then over then under.

Then cross the piece on the left over then under then over then under. Always go over first.

Continue until it is how long you want it.

Pull all of the hair into a pony tail but only pull it half way through.

Use bobby pins and pin it so it is “messy.”




Part hair from part line to ear.

Dutch braid starting at the ear. Separate into three pieces. Cross UNDER the middle strand. Under being the key word. Then add a pieces and cross under. Add a pieces and cross it over. Make sense? I hope so.

Dutch braid to the part line. Then braid the rest of the way down.

Repeat on the other side.

Secure in the back with a pony tail.

It does not show it in the picture. But take a small piece from behind the dutch braid about an inch down. Braid all the way down bobby pin behind the other dutch braid.

Repeat on the other side.




This is soo easy that anyone can do it!!

Just start on one side and take two pieces of hair and twist the one closest to the face away from the face.

Keep twisting but now add hair to the piece closest to the face before you twist it.

Twist until you get past the center of the head.

Secure with a clip.

Repeat on the other side.

Bring both twists into a pony tail, but pull only half way through.

Rat the ends and spray to give it some fluff.



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