Real Cowgirls don’t run around more than half naked, cause it isn’t fun to have dirt in every crack and crevice when your runnin cows. Real Cowgirls put Real clothes on.

Awesome!   So cute!True      Darling!! Truck yeah 🙂

<Agreed on both counts >

   I love it!    


And where would we be without Jessie?? 🙂  TOTALLY ADORABLE!!            Love it.

  Cute!!     Have I mentioned that I love tutu’s on little Cowgirls!?!?! 🙂


  I love that!           Yeah,that’s for me… I fall a lot!

     She’s kinda stiff. Lol! 🙂        Aaww!!


I LOVE HORSES!! YES I’M A COWGIRL!!!!!!  (You can use these pictures 🙂 they’re not copyrighted)


~ Kylee


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