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Easy Updo


Easy Updo

 20141010_175527 20141010_175531

So, we were in Cali this last week, and it was deliciously hot! But, my hair was burning my neck. Conveniently, I had come bobby pins. So, as we were sitting there, I just put my hair up. I made my sister take a picture of it so I could see what needed to be fixed. But it looked pretty good! I didn’t need to fix anything. I thought it might even be blog worthy. So here it is. SUPER EASY!!!

All you need to do is grab a piece of hair that frames your face, twist it back a little and pin. Repeat on the other side. Now just grab pieces of hair, loosely twist it all the way down, then grab a tiny little bit (one or two strands) from the piece you just twisted. Hold that bit tightly and cinch the rest of it up to your scalp. Just pin it right up there. Do that over and over until you don’t have anymore hair left to do. Then ta-da! You’re done! You can add an accessory if you would like. There was a vase of real flowers on a table where I was, and I figured they wouldn’t miss just one little one. 😉 So that’s what I have in my hair.


Favorite Piano Guys Songs~


Okay, my ABSOLUTE favorite one is Code Name Vilaldi~

Then I am in love with Mission Impossible where they teamed up with Lindsey Sterling~

And of course Secrets!

Moonlight – Electric Cello

What makes you beautiful is a MUST~

Oh, A Thousand Years~

And, CAROL OF THE BELLS!!!!!!!!!

Okay, maybe I kinda got carried away there… 😀 BUT DON’T YOU JUST LOVE THEM!!!!

Crazy Life Lately


Wow, I kinda haven’t posted in a while!! Well we have been really busy canning like crazy people, hunting, burning myself, dancing, sewing ect . . . .  Let me clarify a little bit.

Canning ~ We’ve done tomatoes, beets, pickles, green beans, raspberry jam, and tons more to go!! Oh and while I was cutting cucumbers I took a slice off of my left middle finger. No lie a slice!! Now somebody is going to bite into their pickle and be like this is chewy.

Hunting ~ This goes hand in hand with the “Burning Myself” part. We go Archery Elk Hunting in the Uintahs every year in August and September. (so I’ve NEVER been to the fair!!)

Burning Myself ~ While we were hunting I was making breakfast on the camp chef and I had a dutch oven full of really, really hot water!! It was at a full rolling boil. And i was taking it off of the camp chef but i had forgotten that it had legs on the bottom, and the legs hit the camp chef and the boiling water spilt all down my left leg. At this point i remember setting the dutch oven on the ground and just saying “Ow, ow, ow.” Over and over again and i tried to sit down, but my mom was right there and she picked me up and carried me to where we had containers of water. Then she sat me down and turned the water on my leg. But we had pulled the fabric of my pajama pants up on my thigh and the pants were so hot (this was just moments after) that it burned all the skin that it touched just as badly as the rest. And i was just sobbing because it hurt so bad. Then my mom got our lavender oil and dripped it all over it. And my Daddy, Uncle Cody, and Grandpa Cal immediently gave me a priesthood blessing. The pain didn’t lessen any right then but i felt at peace just remembering that this is just another trial that i have to go through. And through out the whole thing i think that my pain was definetly less than it could have been. After that i still cryed for like another 2 hours straight! Then i just kept ice on it cause that’s the only thing that made it feel better at all. My whole leg from the knee down was covered in blisters and it hurt sooooooooooooooooo bad! It happened on Wen. the 22nd of August. We went home (me, mom, and my 2 youngest brothers.) on Fri. 24th. It’s a 5 hour drive. By then it was so bad that i couldn’t walk at all if i even lowered it beneath my head i would burst into hysterical tears. By Sunday it had improved enough that i could even walk on it! I had TONS of friends and family praying and fasting for me. And a lot of friends coming over just to visit. (which i needed to stay sane!) Thank you to everybody!! It’s almost better, truly a miracle! 🙂 Here’s a bunch of pictures.



So yeah these are the pictures….

You can see it as its getting a lot better. The last picture is a little outdated. It actually looks a bit better than that now. The yellow stuff on pictures 2, 3, 5, and 6 is “Doctor Christoffer’s BF ‘n C (bone, flesh and cartledge). I’m SOOOOOOO glad that it doesn’t hurt very bad anymore.
Dancing ~ Well i’m sure that many of you have heard about the Brigham City Temple. Well did you know about the Celebration Dance? I was in the Celebration Dance. It was so much work!! But it was so worth it. I’m so happy that i was able to dance with my leg. I missed a few practice’s but that’s all. We had to practice for months before. My stake did the Mexican/Latino/Hispanic dance (it was called lots of things). Go to this link to see a few pictures

Sewing ~ I’ve been sewing like crazy too. I just made a quilt for my bed (last time it was for my dad for Christmas). And my dad is going to give me 50 dollars for every quilt that I make. And  they have to be levi i usally do levi. But i did just make a blanket out of my old old sheet and some old crochet for the stuffing. It’s pretty cool.

The ect… Part ~ My mom and dad’s 14 year anniversary is tomorrow. But they’re temple anniversary is the 22nd of october. I’m taking some online classes with LEMI. My newest brother Jace is crawling. He’s six months old!!  I have tons of great and awesome friends. We had an exchange student from Japan come and stay with us. Her name is Hana. She was the third exchange student that we’ve had. She was 12 and still is. Her mom is dying of cancer. She got to go to girls camp with us it was REALLY fun. (and funny) Normally Japanese people are kinda quiet. But not Hana. Not at all!! We miss Hana a ton, Our house is so quiet without her now. 😦

~ Kylee

Baby Heaven


We have sooooooooo many babies at our house!!
Our goat just had a baby, well okay a “kid”. Anyways it’s a boy. 😀 We named him Cooper and he is just a little doll! He was born five days ago on the eleventh.
Also on the eleventh our sweet mama bunny Angel had four little ones. I don’t know why she only had four because her first batch was nine, the second six. Then this one just four. They are already getting white fluff all over their little bodies.
Then last Saturday (two days ago) me and my two sisters went in together and bought an adorable little girl goat. We named her Lili and she looks exactly like a little fawn! (Deer) She is three months old and such a little bundle of energy!
We have also hatched seven chicks (or cock-a-loos as two year old Handsome says). One is a rooster the rest are hens. One golden, one yellow, and five black.
And since we don’t have enough cats one of our mama kitties went off and had kittens. We have another mama who just had kittens. They both have quite a few litters already. But anyways Lyla (the one that i mentioned first) had three kittens. One black, one gray, and one white. I guess she wanted some different colors. They are all boys.  Allie (the one i mentioned second) had seven! They are all different colors two calico, three gray, one orange, and one black. I haven’t checked to see what gender they are.
And then with my new little brother (see last post) we have a total of twenty four babies at our house!!!! We have Goats – Billie(the daddy), Millie(the mama), Cooper(the new baby), and Lili(baby).
Cats – Arthur(grandpa), Pretty(grandma), Allie(mama), Allie’s six kittens, Lyla(mama), Lyla’s three kittens, Fluffy(boy kitty from Lyla), and Simon(boy kitty from Lyla).
Chickens – twelve hens, two roosters.
Bunnies – Buddy(daddy), Angel(mama), and four babies.
That’s a lot of animals!!