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Baby Heaven


We have sooooooooo many babies at our house!!
Our goat just had a baby, well okay a “kid”. Anyways it’s a boy. đŸ˜€ We named him Cooper and he is just a little doll! He was born five days ago on the eleventh.
Also on the eleventh our sweet mama bunny Angel had four little ones. I don’t know why she only had four because her first batch was nine, the second six. Then this one just four. They are already getting white fluff all over their little bodies.
Then last Saturday (two days ago) me and my two sisters went in together and bought an adorable little girl goat. We named her Lili and she looks exactly like a little fawn! (Deer) She is three months old and such a little bundle of energy!
We have also hatched seven chicks (or cock-a-loos as two year old Handsome says). One is a rooster the rest are hens. One golden, one yellow, and five black.
And since we don’t have enough cats one of our mama kitties went off and had kittens. We have another mama who just had kittens. They both have quite a few litters already. But anyways Lyla (the one that i mentioned first) had three kittens. One black, one gray, and one white. I guess she wanted some different colors. They are all boys.  Allie (the one i mentioned second) had seven! They are all different colors two calico, three gray, one orange, and one black. I haven’t checked to see what gender they are.
And then with my new little brother (see last post) we have a total of twenty four babies at our house!!!! We have Goats – Billie(the daddy), Millie(the mama), Cooper(the new baby), and Lili(baby).
Cats – Arthur(grandpa), Pretty(grandma), Allie(mama), Allie’s six kittens, Lyla(mama), Lyla’s three kittens, Fluffy(boy kitty from Lyla), and Simon(boy kitty from Lyla).
Chickens – twelve hens, two roosters.
Bunnies – Buddy(daddy), Angel(mama), and four babies.
That’s a lot of animals!!