Magical purple and blue

Beautiful flowing layers of purple and blue tulle make up this little tutu. As your little girl twirls onlookers will oohh and aahh at the magical affect the colors give. With matching hair clip! Fits ages 5-10. And you can have all of it for 12.00! Plus shipping.



This adorable little tutu will fit ages 1-4. Sparkly red fabric entwined with white will give a most royal effect on your little girl. For just $9.00!! With a matching hair clip this deal can’t get any better!



Full and fluffy purple fabric makes a tutu that every little girl will fall in love with! Fits ages 6-9. With sparkles and a matching hair clip this is a must have!! At just $11.00!

All this fluffy goodness shouts LOOK AT ME!! Aqua tulle with a fuscia ruffles goes PERFECT for any occasion. Satin waistband with matching hair clip finishes this look. All for only $10.00. Ages 2-4.

I know that you can already see this on the blue eyed beauty in your life. Two different shades of blue make this perfect for everyone. But thanks to the extra stretchy elastic it will fit ages 5-13! $10.00.

Fuscia and yellow go wonderfully together in this tutu. The warm colors will make your princess feel as light as a sun beam. And the shiny tulle with a gemstone on the hair clip will help your little girl to sparkle! Ages 5-10. $12.00.



If you have been wanting to give your little princess the attire she needs to dance and twirl and play in. Then you can end your search right here. Sparkly pink and purple fabric make a tutu that your little girl is sure to fall in love with. Ages 2-7. $11.00.

All the types of tutus can be made to order. And in ANY color possible. Adult sizes can be made as well. (your a little girl at heart, right?) I just need the color(s) you want, waist size, and how long you would like (knee lenth, floor lenth please include how many inches). If you would like to custom order let me know in the comments, and I will privatly contact you. THANK YOU!!



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